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“With 5GW of installed capacity India up-till 2016, India needs an investment of around $1 trillion to meet the target”

India aims for an ambitious target of 100 GW of Solar with 40GW from roof top solution alone. With more than 0.3GW of roof top and 4.7GW of ground mounted, installed in India up-till 2016 the investment appetite is around $ 1 trillion. The focus would be on Industrial, Commercial and Residential roof tops and Mega Solar projects. This would require huge investment in the Indian solar market. Such a scale of demand would be met with the help of vibrant national and state policies, focused financing facilities, skilled manpower and integration of various market segments. Solar PV projects require high upfront investment commitments and an in-depth understanding of various factors affecting these investments. Investor needs to find right opportunity and de-risking such investment decisions is the key to a successful venture. This is where GeenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) plays a role.

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GreenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) advise organizations regarding investments in solar projects. We thoroughly understand our client’s priorities and strengths, we collaborate with them to develop tailor- made strategies and solutions. Using our expertise, experience and insights, we help our clients in understanding the current and future sources of advantage within the solar industry. We deconstruct the complexity of the policy framework, industry trends, technology, financing and project development to help our clients in spotting risks and uncertainties and propose ways to mitigate them.

GreenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) offers various business models for power consumers in India.

Our OPEX model helps customers to use solar power without Investing. SIES Pvt Ltd with its business partners invest and set up a solar project at your location or in some common location. We sell the generated power to you at a cost that is less than your current cost of power.

Various advantages of this model include:

  • Electricity at a discounted price
  • Zero investment from your side
  • No hassles: We will manage the permits, construction, maintenance and operations.
  • No risk, you pay only for your consumption and you go green.
  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at no additional cost.

Our CAPEX model is well suited for a captive user, wherein the investor owns the asset. As per the model end consumer can own the asset and claim accelerated depreciation and save tax. Setting up of a 1MW project can result in additional upfront savings of up to INR 0.75 cr.

Solar has little or no technology risk as long as the resource assessment is done perfectly. In such case investors with spare capital to invest would be gaining from the CAPEX Model.

BOT Model (Built-Operate-Transfer)/ Lease model, typically involves consumer paying some upfront cost and then pays equal instalments over a few years. Thereafter, the ownership of the project is transferred to the power consumer.

This model allows the power consumer to avoid initial investment but result is greater savings than a regular OPEX model. We offer large variety of variations within the lease model based on the customer requirements. We operate in a very transparent manner and charge a minimal margin befitting our own investment and risks.

GreenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) provides various financial engineered products such as equity tax partners etc, providing solutions to suite investors and consumers. We help you determine which investment model to opt for and then help you to set a plant and start saving on power costs.


“With Solar irradiation of 5.1KwH/Sqmeter, India stands out as a favoured destination with attractive ROI”

India is one of the most attractive destinations for solar market. With over 5 GW of solar power projects in India within a span of 4 years and an ambitious target of 100 GW by 2022, there is an robust and emerging Solar market in Indian.

For many domestic and multinational players, the nascent and unique nature of Indian solar market with unfamiliar and changing regulatory framework coupled with Federal and State policies, help raise many critical questions.

How do we assess the market?

Who are the competitors/ Players?

How to determine the right fit and pricing in the market?

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How do we synchronize functions, processes, teams and infrastructure for an effective market entry?

How do we measure the impact of various strategies such as local joint ventures?

How do we find and manage the right partners?

How do we maximize the effectiveness of our market entry and how do we execute our plans?

GreenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) assist clients to find solution to these questions in the India Markets. We leverage our unique market position to serve project developers, EPC service providers and investors.