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“Feasibility study is the key for investing- More than 40% of the projects fail due to inappropriate feasibility study”

Project developers and power consumers are often ill-informed while taking investment decisions. Costs related to land and other upfront costs are often cited as reasons to avoid investing in solar. This approach can lead to unwise decisions and missed opportunities. By thorough understanding the risks and weighing them against the possible returns and other opportunities can lead to sound investment decisions. We have the expertise to provide you with a fair and expert assessment covering the aforementioned points.

  • Assessing the need for the Solar project
  • Site and technical analysis
  • Policy and regulatory analysis
  • Assessment based on viability enablers such as Feed-in-tariffs, REC benefits, accelerated depreciation benefits, subsidies, tax benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Grid and Diesel Parity.
  • Evaluation of business models and selecting the right business model
  • Budgetary analysis, Yield and financial modelling
  • Risk, challenges and Success factors
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GreenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) assist our clients to find solution to these questions in the India Markets. We leverage our unique market position and expertise to serve project developers, EPC service providers and investors.


“Initial technical and financial planning ensures 25 years of hassle-free operations and in-turn guarantees ROI”

GreenFin (consulting arm of SIES Pvt Ltd) strongly recommend that before you start with the planning and liaising process, you should explore all possible investment opportunities and understand the risks and returns expectations.

We provide the following services in this respect:

  • Business model development (bilateral Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Technical design outlining
  • Off-take risk assessment
  • Bankable DPR
  • Stakeholder selection
  • Contracts assessment and negotiation
  • Bidding Management or customer acquisition
  • Power Purchase Agreement facilitation
  • Permits & approvals facilitation
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs) registration and accreditation
  • Financing facilitation
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We also offer feasibility, planning, liaising and execution support as a turnkey Project Management Consulting (PMC) service. However, we prefer to take up the parts separately to ensure transparency and conflict of interest.


“Project Execution is the Key”

After determining the feasibility and planning your solar PV project, it is important for the project developer to manage the installation process. The implementation in accordance with the project plan and design is important for maintaining the quality and cost of the project. Many solar PV plants in India which have been installed in the past are performing below expectations due to a faulty installation process.

We ensure that the project developer’s interests are safeguarded and that the plant is installed to perform at its peak for the next 25 years or more. Our team will help the project developers in installing the plant within the budget, in time and with high performance.

We provide following services:

  • Project documentation
  • Installation monitoring
  • Quality & cost control
  • Testing and commissioning
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