Our Projects


Our Turnkey Solutions include Resource assessment, Infrastructure development
and installation and commissioning.


SIES Pvt.Ltd provides assistance in assessing solar radiation patterns to determine the best position. Location's topographical influence helps to optimum the solar yield. We incorporate micro-siting to our advantage of minimizing the generation risk.

Resource assessment is the primary and essential exercise towards project evaluation. Site-specific solar radiation data is also obtained from sources such as NASA, RET Screen. RET Screen includes a global climate database with 4,700 ground locations and in collaboration with NASA, a global climate data derived from 20 years of satellite observations. Although, the horizontal radiation data is readily available, the extent to which this data is accurate is not verified, unless corroborated with ground monitoring irradiation stations.

The ground monitoring can be undertaken with the help of irradiation sensing devices such as Pyranometer. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and Centre for Wind Energy Technology (CWET) measure the solar irradiation and other climatic parameters over various locations across the country. SIES Pvt.Ltd constantly interacts with such government agencies to derive accurate data at specified intervals for project evaluation.

For solar radiation assessment, it is highly crucial to assess the direction, the land type, temperature and wind speed.

Support system at the solar sites is critical to its operation. SIES Pvt.Ltd specializes in creating localized infrastructure for the solar power generating plant. At SIES Pvt.Ltd, we lay special importance to a standardize infrastructure to enhance the productivity and meet the daily challenges at the site. SIES Pvt.Ltd engages in civil work spanning from erecting the base structure of the foundation, to assembling buildings that house maintenance and operational facilities.

SIES Pvt.Ltd has dedicated in house capabilities of erecting and commissioning Solar Power plants across various parts of India. SIES Pvt.Ltd expert team with strong project management experience helps execution of renewable energy projects without delay and cost overrun.

Structures and components of solar projects are integral part of need a solar plant. It is at-most important to adhere to specific standards to accomplish their intended purposes. SIES Pvt.Ltd constantly strives to ensure that quality measures are strictly implemented during the erection of a Solar Power project. Inspections are surveys are rigorously undertaken at every stage to ensure all compliances.